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Corrective Exercises...that sounds like serious stuff.

There are a thousand and one ideas about how to correct posture. And there are just as many ideas of what correct posture is. Some of these ideas seem pretty far out there, and some of them seem like common sense. But which ever theory, or ideal you subscribe to, realize that changing your posture is a long term project. My personal ideal is to get the body to a place where it carries the weight of your body easily and maintains mobility and flexibility with the minimum discomfort possible while living life. That posture may not look the same for everyone. Thus while I may give homework to people to work on their posture, the exercises are individual to address each person. I have a small sample set of some of the exercises I give here on the web for reference, but frankly, if you are trying to treat yourself with these examples, I cannot say with any certainty that you will have any success. If you are not near me or cannot come in for an appointment, I do recomend taking tai chi as a substitute, or some forms of yoga may also be helpful. I do not recommend Pilates anymore as it has become more of an exercise workout, rather than a posture correction. If you are self-aware enough to know where your issues are, and some of these exercise look like they will address you, then by all means peruse them and see if any look helpful. Please take care with your body though, and do not injure yourself!