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Ideal Massage Therapy and Professional Bodywork

I offer my work by the session. A session is generaly one hour and 15 minutes, but can take up to an hour and a half, or as little as an hour. A session is completely unique to the individual. It may or may not include any of the techniques that I list under "Intro to Bodywork". I generally work with fully clothed individuals. If we are cupping or Kua Shawing, I may ask for a particular piece of clothing to be removed, but be assured, I will be draping you to provide modest covering in those cases. Sessions are not predetermined. If you have a question that leads to an important discovery, the session is fluid enough to accomodate that.

When dealing with issue related work, I try and work with the issue for around four sessions. I have had one or two stellar successes where I managed to help the client find relief in one session, but these are not typical results. More often it will take around four and for stubborn issues, I have gone up to eight sessions. For performance oriented work (dancers,muscians, athletes) the session count is determined by how your body reacts and what you want to accomplish.

A typical session involves you showing up at my office, a few minutes of discussion about what you would like to see come out of the session, what areas are of particular interest to you. If this is your first time on my table, you will find me asking you a short stack of medical history questions so I may be assured I do you no harm. Then you will take off shoes, belts and anything out of your pockets that would be uncomfortable to lie on, and you will lay on the table and we will begin working. This will continue for about three quarters of the session time. The last quarter is devoted to teaching you self care methods and techniques and making sure you are feeling comfortable with the work that has been done.

If you are looking for preventative, rather then after action work, I have several good recommendations for other therapists I am happy to pass along.