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Introduction to Bodywork

What is Bodywork? And Why Should I Care?

Bodywork is a form of massage therapy. However, while most massage therapy (circulatory massage, deep tissue) is concentrated on relaxation, bodywork is about improvement in function, reduction of pain and wellbeing through techniques beyond the standard range of most entry level massage therapists. It includes ideas from eastern (Tuina, Aryvedic, Thai, Shiatsu, etc) and western (circulatory, deep tissue, myofascial, neuromuscular, somatic integration, structural, etc).

Why should you care? Do you have pain that a circulatory massage helps for a while, but it just keeps coming back? Have you ever had a migraine? Ever had surgury, or injury that feels like it never got back to 100 percent? Do you feel you have poor posture? Do you feel like you are "getting older and feeling it"? Bodywork is not a silver bullet, but has been helpful to others with these issues. You also will need to know that this is work. Bodywork often deals with areas of the body that are tender or will need to be moved in precise ways. Even though you are many times lying on a table, you will be doing work just as much as the person you are working with.